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Temporary Site Stairs - Platform to Track Access

Ensuring the safety of your workforce is paramount when on site. Our temporary site stairs enable platform to track access while maintaining a physical barrier and safe route to and from work sites.

How are our stairs different?

Unlike other temporary site stairs on the market, our stairs clamp into position, rather than simply resting on ballasts meaning they are more secure and there is no risk of slippage.

Our stairs will improve your site efficiency in that your workforce are not required to walk along the platform to move between tracks. If 10 of your workforce save on average 30 minutes a day by using our stairs, productivity on site will increase dramatically.

Perhaps the most important benefit of using our platform to track access stairs is that they help to reduce injury.

All to often are leg and ankle injuries are sustained due to workforce jumping down from platforms to tracks. Our stairs can mean these injuries are a thing of the past.

Need to hire our stairs?

No problem!

If you need to hire temporary site stairs or any of our other railway safety products, please get in touch today.

Our team are here to help you with all of your rail safety requirements. Call us on 020 7459 4825 now and we will be pleased to help you. We offer all clients a free and no obligation quote and can deliver anywhere across the UK.

Alternatively, you can email us your requirements at and we will be happy to help you

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