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UK Rail Safety in 2019/20

According to reports published by the Rail Delivery Group, growth in passenger numbers and freight volumes are expected to continue to increase for the foreseeable future. With demand on our railways at an all-time high, huge investment programs are being implemented across the UK, meaning that tens of thousands of the UK’s rail workforce could be at risk of sustaining injury if the necessary safety systems are not put in place.

UK Rail Accident Stats 2019/20

Due to the nature of the work in the rail sector, which can include working beside tracks and on railway platforms, and despite increased health and safety measures, accidents are a common occurrence.

According to statistics recently published by the Office of Rail & Road (ORR), there were 130 major injuries sustained by the rail workforce during the period 2019/2020 and 5099 minor injuries reported in the same period.

Of the 130 major injuries reported, 53 were caused by slips trips and falls, 7 due to platform edge accidents and 5 due to manual handling.  

How Railway Safety Solutions can help

To help combat the number of accidents and injuries sustained within the UK rail sector, we have developed a range of safety products including Platform Edge Protection, Poly Blocks and Bridges and Temporary Platform to Track Access Stairs.

Our range of safety products have all been designed to help reduce people and plant interface and fall prevention, a major contributing factor to injury on site.

Contact us today to discuss your safety requirements

Our team are hand to help you with your rail safety requirements. We can put together competitive quotes and deliver our safety products anywhere in the UK.

Contact us on 020 7459 4825 or email us at

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