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We're ConstructionLine Accredited!

We're delighted to announce that Railway Safety Solutions has been verified and certified for ConstructionLine Material Suppliers Membership, a benchmark for best practice and proficiency in the industry.

We're extremely proud of this accreditation, which shows our commitment to supplying the rail industry with products of the highest quality and to helping reduce people/plant interface and injuries caused by falls from height. Our product range is truly industry leading, in terms of quality and safety features, and we are pleased that so many rail contractors place their trust in us to protect their workforce.

To all of the contractors that we currently work alongside, I hope this accreditation demonstrates that you’re working with a company totally committed to quality, safety and social values and to those contractors who we are yet to engage with, the assurances that Railway Safety Solutions fulfill all necessary supply chain credentials and pre-qualifications.

Can we help you protect your teams?

As always, if we can supply your next project with our platform edge protection, track access stairs or a platform to platform bridges then please get in touch, as we would be more than pleased to help you. Contact us by phone or email your details to

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